Migrating Media & Productions publishes BrazilConZé.com, a multicultural and multilingual on line magazine that, since 2003,promotes alternative & underground culture in 9 cities around the globe. Zé is the “Brazilian soul” trying to pull you out of the “on line” experience to REAL cutting edge “ON LIFELIVING.
BRazilConZé.com focus in  cross border social justice, immigrant rights, human rights and economic development thru ART, CULTURE, EDUCATION, INTERVIEWS, ACTIVISM AND COOL EVENT PROMOTION.

If you are an artist, intellectual or independent that would like to contribute with us, get in touch. Independent, alternative and COOL promoters can also count on us to talk about their venues — just send us info.
Although we do not accept advertisement, we accept cultural sponsorship for some sections of BRazilConZé.com (BRCZ.com) and some of the Migrating Media Projects. If you would like to become our cultural sponsor in your area or overseas feel free to contact us.
Please note: we are not able to accept cultural sponsorship from companies with record on  labor abuse, monopoly, war sponsorship or any other mistreatment or negligence to the human life or to the environment.